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Calling all Ice Cream makers!

Join us for our

Ice Cream Crank-Off Competition in conjunction with our Art Show.

Sunday, October 6th, 2019 1:00pm - 5:00pm


  • All contestants must register (free) for the contest by September 27th, 2019 and are required to obtain a permit from the city one week before the crank off. All contestants are required to make at least 2 one gallon containers of the same recipe. Cranking will begin at 12:30.

    1. Please note tickets will be collected from public for each tasting. All contestants must bring a helper/assistant to help collect the tickets while you serve your tastings.

    2. Absolutely NO raw eggs or raw egg products maybe be used in your entry.

    3. Contestants will be required to list on a 5X7 card all possible allergens used in the recipe this includes dairy, nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, etc..if you have any questions about one of your ingredients, please contact DeAnna Willman at 783-7005

    4. All contestants must supply their own outdoor rated extension cord, a table, 2 ounce sample cups, and spoons. You will also need to bring your own salt and ice.

    5. Once your ice cream is cranked and frozen a volunteer runner will be by to take your samples for judging. Your ice cream MUST be frozen in order to be judged. Samples for judging MUST be ready no later that 1:45pm.

    6. Absolutely No Samples are to be given out to the public until tasting is opened to all ticketed tasters. You will be serving samples to ticketed tasters from 2:00pm - 4:00pm or until all ice cream is gone.

    7. Ice is to be dumped into a designated area that will be assigned to you on the day of the event. Please do not empty your ice, salt, and water onto the grass or flower beds.

To register or for more information contact DeAnna Willman at (806) 783-7005

Good Luck and Get Crankin!