The fine print and details for submitting work:


 ·       Work may be submitted in the following categories:



- 3D or Sculptures

-Digital work, such as graphic designs and

- Drawings.

We will also have a Youth Category for kids and students 12-17 years of age. Children’s Category is 6-11 years of age. No more than two pieces may be submitted per category.

·       To submit work for consideration in the show, you must submit a picture of the piece to between Monday, August 19th and Friday, September 20th.  Please include your name, phone number, title and size of piece with description and category listed above.

·    A $7.00 entry fee is required for each submission. The first piece will be free for the students entering in the Youth Category, each additional piece entered will be $7. If you are a student wanting to enter your art in the art show please email us at

  • Art work submitted can not be older than 5 years and no nudity or vulgarity will be allowed as this is a Family Friendly Event.

·    There is no size restriction, but please keep in mind that our wall space is limited, and we will work to showcase art and talent from as many artists as possible.

First place winners will receive a free frame up to $100 in value or 60% off a frame of greater value from Timeless Custom Frames!

·  Use the “Pay Entry Fee” button at the bottom to pay for your submissions.  If you have trouble with this, please call the Wallace at 806-894-1273 or email

·  Judging will be held October 6th during the event.

·  Artists will be notified of their work being selected by September 22nd . 

If your work is selected:


·       Pieces must be delivered to the Wallace no later than 4:00pm Friday, September 27th.

·       All work must be presented ready-to-hang, preferably with a wire attached to the frame between one-third and one-quarter of the way down the sides of the piece. Stainless steel braided picture wire works best for smooth hanging. Do not use saw tooth hangers.

·       You must submit a short bio and photo of yourself to

·       If you would like to sell your art during the show, you must also submit your tax ID number along with the price you would like your work to be sold for. The Wallace will receive a 25% commission on all work sold.

·       Art work selected for the show will be displayed in the art show until Friday, November 1st unless it is sold prior to that date.

·       The Wallace will host a “Pick up Party” on Sunday, November 3rd for artists to retrieve their work.

·       We will also distribute awards identified by the judging committee and the people’s choice award that will be selected by visitors throughout the month of October.

Pick - up party:

Pick-Up Party 1.jpg
  • The Wallace will host a “Pick up Party” on Sunday, November 3rd at 2:00pm for artists to retrieve their work and awards. There will be a small reception for all the artist and their families to attend and congratulate the artist on their awards .

  • Awards in each category will be presented along with your picture taken for the newspaper.

    Additional information about the event to come! Stay on the lookout for announcements regarding the Pick- Up Party so that you can join us in honoring some amazing artist!