Challenge Rules

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  • Directors may be any age up to 15 years old. Co-directing (multiple participants directing a movie together) is allowed and the entry fee is still $10 for the whole group. Other people such as parents, grandparents, pets, etc. can appear in the video, but the video will be submitted under the name of the director(s).

  • Videos can be a maximum of 3 minutes long.

  • All videos must be approved by The Wallace Staff after submission. Movies chosen should be rated G or PG. If you wish to use a movie that is rated PG-13, the movie and the scene from it must be approved by The Wallace Staff. Videos containing controversial topics including but not limited to alcohol consumption, drugs, or sexuality will not be accepted.

  • Videos that do not also submit the $10 entry fee will not be included in the competition.

  • The entry deadline is Friday, August 16, 2019 at 7PM. (This means paying the entry fee.)

  • Actual video submissions will be accepted until Sunday, September 1st at 7PM.

  • Online voting for People’s Choice will start on Monday, September 9th at 8AM and run until Monday, September 30th at 5PM.

  • Our Number One rule is this: have fun and get creative! Your video does NOT need to be perfect — the most important thing is that you and your friends and family enjoy doing this together.

Paying Entry Fees

All entry fees are $10. You can submit your entry fee in person by cash, credit/debit card, or check — just bring it by The Wallace and we will record that you turned it in. You can also submit your entry fee by clicking the button below. This will take you to a donation website where you will fill out the necessary information and complete the entry fee process. The confirmation email will contain the link to the Google Drive that will be used to submit your video.

Submitting a Video

Video submission will occur using a Google Drive account. After we have received your entry fee, there will be an email confirmation of your payment that includes the link to the Google Drive. In order to access to the Google Drive, you will need to have a Google account. Videos will be accepted until September 1st at 5PM.

We will also accept video submissions on flash drives if you’d rather drop one off at The Wallace.

The name of the video should have the name of the director and the movie (e.g. John Smith’s Video: Kung Fu Panda). Please also include a clip of the original scene from the movie; you can usually find these on YouTube and just copy the link. There will be a general document within the Google Drive where you can post the link to your movie. If you can’t find a YouTube video, email us at and we will figure it out together.

Don’t know how to use Google Drive? Click here for instructions!


People’s Choice Voting will occur by donation. At the beginning of the voting period, videos will be shared from The Wallace Facebook and will direct viewers to the website used for voting. The voting period will be from September 9th at 8AM to September 30th at 5PM. During this time, directors and their families are welcome to share the Facebook post containing their video to show more people the product of your hard work! There will be a specific page here on the website that will have all of the video links and track how much each video has raised.